1. Learn about this resource. 

Homeowners can use financial assistance from us—DC Government—to replace lead pipes on private property that connect the city water supply to their home. Regardless of your income, you can receive a 50% discount (up to $2,500) on your replacement. If your household income is at or below the program limits, you can receive the replacement for free or with an 80% discount.


This program is called the Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program and is offered through a partnership between the Department of Energy and Environment and DC Water.

2. Check if you are eligible.

You may be eligible if all of these statements are true:

  • You own the home that you live in.

  • Your home is in DC.

  • The pipe connecting your home to the city water supply is partially lead, meaning that the part on public space isn’t lead, but the part on private property is. Look at the “Apply” section to find out if this is true for your home and to learn how to replace your pipes if they are fully lead.

replace lead pipes connected to your home?


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4. Gather more information.

What happens after I apply?

  1. We—DC Government—will email you to let you know that your application has been approved and the amount of financial assistance you will receive. We'll also send you a list of plumbers who have successfully completed a similar project.
  2. Choose an approved plumber from the list, and schedule a time for them to visit your home to prepare a quote. Do not pay a deposit to the plumber or have them start work until DC Water approves their quote.
  3. Your plumber will submit their quote to DC Water.
  4. DC Water will review the quote to determine if the cost is reasonable. If they have any questions about your application, they will contact you and your plumber directly.
  5. You will schedule the work with the plumber to replace your pipes within 90 days after receiving a letter from us approving your quote and amount of financial assistance.
  6. Your plumber will get a permit and notify DC Water of the replacement at least 48 hours before work begins.
  7. Your pipes get replaced!
  8. The plumber will submit documentation of the replacement to DC Water.
  9. DC Water will schedule an inspection to make sure the pipes were replaced and the work followed safety standards. You must be home for the inspection.
  10. The plumber will submit an invoice to DC Water for the amount of financial assistance you were approved for.
  11. You will receive an invoice from the plumber for the amount that you owe, if any, after receiving assistance from the program.
  12. You will pay the invoice amount to the plumber. DC Water will pay the assistance amount.
If your application is not approved or if we put you on a wait list, we will let you know by sending you an email within 30 days.

Are there any additional requirements I should know about?

As of October 1, 2020, you're required to choose a plumber from this list of those who have successfully completed a similar project.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

First, take a look at the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. If you still have questions, please reach out to our Affordability and Efficiency team at (202) 535-2600, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Or, you can email them at leadline.replacement@dc.gov using the subject line “LPRAP Application Question.”

I’m not eligible, but I need help making my home safer. What should I do?

You can find information about other resources that might help on our home safety and lead protection pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my plumber begin working on the pipe replacement before I hear back from the DC Government? No, please wait until your application is approved to begin the lead pipe replacement. After your application is approved, you must schedule the work with your contractor within 90 days. I live in a condo or a coop. Am I eligible? Most homes where the pipe connected to the city water supply is partially lead are single-family homes, so few multi-family buildings, like condos or coops, are eligible. However, anyone can apply if they have a partially lead pipe. The process is slightly different for condos and coops, so before you start, reach out to our Affordability and Efficiency team at (202) 535-2600, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Or, you can email them at leadline.replacement@dc.gov. My household doesn’t have any income. How can I prove that? If your household doesn’t have any income, you can submit one of these documents with your application:

  • An notarized income statement,
  • A screenshot of your "Claimant Profile" page on the Department of Employment Services (DOES) website showing that your "Balance" is zero ( see example),
  • A recent letter from your former employer stating that you no longer work there (if you've lost your job but are not yet receiving unemployment benefits from DOES), OR
  • A recent letter from the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) stating that your household doesn't have any income

Do all eligible applicants get help to replace their pipes?

No, funding for this program is on a first-come, first-served basis. This program launched in October 2019, so we aren’t sure how many residents will apply or receive funds.

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This page was last updated May 2021.


3. Apply.

  1. Search your address on DC Water’s website to see if your pipes are partially lead. Pipes have three statuses: unknown, partially lead, or all lead.
    • If the status of your pipes is unknown, you can request a lead testing kit from DC Water.
    • If your pipes are all lead, complete the voluntary replacement form to have your pipes on public space replaced for free. You are responsible for paying for 100% of the cost to replace the pipes in the private space. DC Water will contact you to schedule the replacement of the pipes in public space and private property at the same time.
  2. Gather the following documents to submit with your application. Depending on how you apply, you may need to make copies or scan your documents.
    • Your photo ID (like a driver’s license)
    • Your DC Water bill
    • Proof that you own your home (like a deed or mortgage statement with your name on it)
  3. If you’d like us to check if you’re eligible for additional financial assistance, you’ll also need the most recent pay stubs, social security statements, pension statements, unemployment benefits statements, child support statements, and/or tax returns for all members of your household. You only need the documents that apply to your situation.
  4. Choose one of these options to apply online, by email, or by mail:
    • To apply online, complete this application. You’ll need to upload photos or scans of your documents into the application.
    • To apply by email, email your completed application to leadline.replacement@dc.gov. You’ll need to attach photos or scans of your documents to the email.
    • To apply by mail, print and mail your completed application and copies of your documents to the address below. You’ll need to make copies of your documents. Please don’t send the originals.
Attn: Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program The Department of Energy & Environment 1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor, Washington DC 20002 You can apply at any time.

Everyone that is approved for the program receives at least a 50% discount (up to $2,500). If your household’s annual gross income—your income before paying taxes—is at or below the program limits, you can receive the replacement for free or with an 80% discount. You can check by answering the two questions below.

Department of Energy and Environment