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get a rebate for planting a tree on your property?


1. Learn about this resource. 

Residents can receive a rebate when they plant shade trees on a residential or commercial property in DC. Shade trees hold rainwater in the soil, reducing polluted water from getting into our rivers. We—DC Government—offer a one-time rebate of $50-100 per tree up to the cost of your tree (not including tax and shipping). The amount of your rebate depends on the type of tree you plant. You can receive a rebate for up to 25 trees per property.


This program is called RiverSmart Rebates and is offered by the Department of Energy & Environment, in partnership with Casey Trees, a local nonprofit.

2. Check if you are eligible.

You are eligible if you own or rent a residential or commercial building in DC. If you rent your home, you’ll need to ask your landlord for permission to plant a tree.


You don’t need to live in DC to apply, as long as the property you’re applying for is in DC.

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This page was last updated November 2022.

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