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1. Learn about this resource. 

Residents can get up to $60,000 in grants to assist with roof repairs and accessibility modifications of their home.

  • Up to $30,000 can be awarded to repair a water-damaged or structurally-compromised roof.

  • Up to $30,000 can be awarded to make accessibility modifications for a household member with a mobility or physical impairment.


This program is offered by the Department of Housing and Community Development and is called the Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program.

2. Check if you are eligible.

You are eligible if all of these statements are true:

  • You own a home in a building with four units or fewer.

  • Your home has been your primary residence for the past three years or more.

  • You have homeowners insurance for your home.

  • You are a DC resident.

  • You are up to date on your District and federal taxes.

  • You have a credit report that shows you are current on your mortgage payments for the past 12 months.

  • Your yearly gross household income is at or below the maximum limits for your household size. Check below.

repair your roof and make your home more accessible?


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This page was last updated January 2023.

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